Echo Park Craft Fair

Once I found out I didn't get the job, my plan b was to attend the Echo Park Craft Fair. This would mean a trip to LA, staying with two of my best friends from college (Chelsea & Chelsea), and a huge dose of inspiration—without taking a PTO day.

After the longest Uber pool ride from LAX to Hollywood, I got to my friend's place. While they were away at work I let myself in, said what's up to Baloo the cat, and took a nap. For a snack I went to Sqirl for the first time and tried the famous ricotta toast with a rainbow stripe of all three current jam offerings, the perfect pick-me-up.

I met my friends in the Arts District that night for happy hour with Chelsea's coworkers. I was early, so I sat at the bar taking in those DTLA vibes with a glass of wine. When they arrived I was intro'ed to loads of people, most importantly, Chels' work-wife Bridget, and her BF Mike. It was funny hearing the girls comment on their coworker's decreasing state of sobriety as the night went on. The five of us went for pizza after and called it a night. I swear I spotted that loft building from New Girl they throw in between scenes, DTLA vibes!

The next day was it!

I had planned to wear my red Marais shoes, but everything I packed suddenly wasn't jiving with them. The night before was David's holiday party, so naturally I packed after we got home and ate pho. I threw all my go-to pieces in a suitcase and hoped for the best.

We decided outfit option one (of two) was the best—for the shoes, so I wore my favorite jeans that are usually too loose on me, a Lou & Grey tee that gets baggy around the pits by midday, and my beloved Rag & Bone bag (an eBay score). I threw in my fave hammered gold statement earrings to bring the drama. Solid #OOTD.

Once we parked the car at EPCF I was immediately so happy. It was sunny AND warm, what a freaking dream. I called David telling him LA is so great, we should move here, "why didn't we move here?". I knew his denim obsession could get in the way of this future-manifesting phone call but he laughed saying it wasn't an issue. I believe him.

From the jump, this craft fair made my dreams come true. The girls ran to the bathroom and while I waited I spotted the Marais shoes booth! I texted my bestie Chelsie in NYC that I could see Haley Boyd the Creative Director, omg! Next thing I know she's walked up to me saying "cuuute!" pointing to my shoes! Ahhh!

Starting at the Marais booth, me and the Chelseas' made our way around the two rooms of vendors. We got to the Moon Juice booth and were all about it. We tried so many samples and had so many questions, it felt like we spent 20 mins there. I got packets of spirit and beauty dust to enhance my beauty and wellbeing, ya know?

Leaving EPCF high on life, Moon Juice, and Canyon Coffee.

Leaving EPCF high on life, Moon Juice, and Canyon Coffee.

Even leaving EPCF was ceremonious. We had our own photoshoot against the building for a whiiiiillleee.

I heart Chelsea & Chelsea!

I heart Chelsea & Chelsea!

Some of our best work.

Some of our best work.

Over the years I've learned from all the Instagram models that The Grove at Christmas is a must. What I didn't know is that fake snow happens! My friends suggested we eat at the Nordstrom Cafe because their patio overlooks the entire winter wonderland. We sat at the bar while waiting for a table which was ideal for the free pistachios and really entertaining people watching. People in LA can act so LA so naturally.


We were finally seated on the patio with the best view! The snow began at 8p and it was so perfect. That Bing Crosby Christmas song plays as a kind of announcement and snow shoots out all over the place. Very cheesy and magical! That night since we were in a Christmasy spirit we watched White Christmas (with Bing Crosby), a Chelsea & Chelsea fave, but it was my first time.

On Sunday we celebrated Chelsea's early bday with a rooftop lunch with a view of the Hollywood sign. I got to meet some of their close friends and again was entertained by observing people. Lunch included very inattentive service, constructing a text-back to a girl's date that just had referred to himself in the third person, and a serenade in Portuguese. 

He wasn't wearing shoes.

He wasn't wearing shoes.

After lunch, I met up with another friend from college, Audrey. She was in the Apparel Design program with me in Portland, and had just moved to LA. We got coffee at Intelligencia on Sunset and caught up for hours. She already had that expectant LA glow and was so in love with her new life!

Since I had a weekend pass to EPCF I thought I would get an early dinner from a vendor there. It was around the corner from us so it was easy to convince Audrey to join me. An old coworker of hers immediately recognized her, that was so cool. I loved walking through the rooms again with a more mellow energy. The sun was setting and things felt super peaceful throughout the space. Audrey was as stoked as I was saying yesterday, saying she should have brought business cards, amen.

Walking out to this sunset literally shocked me. Heart eyes.

Walking out to this sunset literally shocked me. Heart eyes.

While I was out, the Chelsea's had been shopping for Christmas gifts for kids, a holiday charity Chelsea had organized at her work. That night we went out for dinner and frozen custard, then stayed in watching Elf and had a wrapping party!

On my last day, the girls both went to work and I had real sad feels about leaving. I finally made it out of the house at 11a and took myself out for a fancy $$$ LA breakfast at Honey Hi.

"Trash in LA"

"Trash in LA"

After a final nap on their couch I made the call to hike Runyon Canyon. Honestly it was the best thing to do with the last hour of light in the day.


This was the best weekend. I felt so happy, maybe the happiest I had felt in 2017. The majority of people I met, interacted with, or observed were open and friendly and warm. I had a blast with my friends. At EPCF I loved seeing the brands I've had long standing Insta-crushes on, and making new discoveries. I also met a few brands that are based in Oakland! 

Spending long overdue time with the Chelseas' was the best. Obviously a huge reason why this trip meant so much to me. Chelsea said when we're together she feels calm and happy, it's easy. That was so beautiful to hear, and TRUE. I am truly ME around these girls and that is the best feeling. It's so great to be reminded.

wore : Jane Mule

listen : I'm So LA

ate : Honey Hi