Pyjamas All Day

A couple weeks back I got the call regarding the interviews I had gone on for a Design Coordinator role. They went in a different direction. I was initially bummed, but as the Design Director called me herself, I knew I had left a good impression on the team.

This was for an intimates brand that ticked most of my boxes for a place I'd like to work. Coming from Macy's corporate, I liked the idea of working for a startup that was just setting up processes and growing their team. On the other hand, I want to continue making intimate goods myself, and this would have been a direct conflict of interest. 

Since I'm really struggling financially at this point, I've made an outline of things I can sell or make & sell to get me through this winter. In college I made several pairs of pajama pants which I really enjoyed. At a certain point I stopped and looking back I wish I hadn't. I must of thought it was not worth my time once I graduated. But now I've learned that if you like doing something, to keep doing it. If you want to turn a profit on it, that's possible too with a bit of extra work and support. 

In making bras for #modBRAproject, I've been so flattered with the amount of support from my friends and folks on the internet. I've never sold one, as sewing and sizing are things I struggle with, but in putting content out there regardless, people have been really into them.

This winter I'll make a handful of simple pajamas with the hopes of selling a few to get by as I continue to job search. 

image from my portfolio

image from my portfolio

I've created a daily checklist on Google Keep of things I am doing to repair my skin, and last night I made a separate list of things I'd like to do daily to keep myself healthy & happy. The list of course begins with reading and meditating. I'm off to burn some palo santo now.

read : The Go-Giver my dad loves this book and signed a copy for me while I was home for Thanksgiving. Like, really loves it.

listen : The High Low podcast

play : HQ live trivia

wear : allbirds wool runners