The Goals

As fall temperatures settle into Oakland I'm feeling reenergized and ready to set intentions for how I'd like to finish out the year, and take bolder steps towards feeling at home here. I've wanted to make myself a calendar for a while now to set goals and measure progress with. Unlike a note in my phone, or google calendar, I want this to be tactile. Like a vision board with a timeline. No universe BS. I'll mock some up and create one by my next post. 

A few of my goals are :

-focus on overall health: workout regularly, start running again, get massages often, find a spot for a facials, find a dentist, acupuncturist, and eye doctor.

-treat acne by adjusting diet, topical products, supplements, etc. keep record of this process.

-fully unpack and organize all clothing and remove boxes from the apartment.

-create a list of wants. whether for my wardrobe or the apartment, or travel destinations, keeping track of these ideas as they arise will help me determine what I actually want once I have money to spend. 

-find a cause to be a part of; probably helping kids or animals.

I broke out really badly last week. I had been working on a trend presentation and wearing my glasses for several days straight and broke out badly from where they sit around my nose. I am also about to get my period, so of course I broke out on my chin. Overall, I've felt calm and laid back through this past month of interviewing, but somehow my body is more stressed out than ever on the inside. I'm not sure how to tell my body to chill when my mind feels pretty chill. Anybody? This is a selfie of my face with a decent about of concealer on (and a fabulous filter) over the weekend. However, the inflammation is impossible to hide. I picked up a couple acne products I'm slightly excited about though, I'll plug them below and keep documenting my results.


made : Trader Joe's pumpkin bread (my kitchen smells amazing)

watched : Best Budget Friendly Skincare under $20!

using : Alba Acnedote Deep Clean Astringent day + night and Alba Acnedote Oil Control Lotion at night as a spot treatment