I Drove Today

Today was full of wins.

My to-do list for the past week has included three things consistently: shower, drive, and yoga.  Fairly simple, yet I can't seem to cross off the latter two things. At some point late last night, I signed myself up for another yoga class and told myself "this time you'll go.. and drive."  


The first time I drove on my own here was week one (we're on week four in the timeline now I believe). I drove to the Post Office to drop off a Nordstrom return. I think it was in Downtown Oakland. I did a decent job getting there, and parallel parking (without a car in front or behind me, nice!) and paid for parking. As my ticket printed I realized I was standing on a tampon, sans applicator, that appeared cut in half? After my Post Office errand I looked up the nearest credit union and elected to walk the seven minutes. Two blocks go by, then I hear a man behind me saying "hello." I'm a friendly person so I turn around and we share some friendly exchanges. The man was on a small bike and was walking it with his legs while seated in a gliding motion. As he goes ahead of me he complemented my "cabbose" then it hit me: I didn't have to go to the bank anymore. Since then I've been deterred by driving because it means getting out of the car in an unfamiliar place where anything is possible.


After walking Tuck to the lake this morning we stopped for coffee, and like a miracle, the pie shop next door with very odd operating hours was finally open. I got a couple slices for after dinner, and a cute lil quiche!

Finally I got home and decided yoga and driving were happening today, for real. I ate half of the very enjoyable quiche and hit the road. Can't yoga on an empty stomach.

After yoga I drove again to Whole Foods. As soon as I walked in I spotted my landlord and said "Hi ______!" She said hello back and was sweet but couldn't place me. I'm really owning this town.

This was meant to be a quick trip for cereal and fun beauty products, but post-yoga me was in a daze and had to see and consider it all. For dinner, I decided that salmon would be nice. From there things got really fuzzy. I bought tikka masala sauce and green curry paste. Basmati rice and quinoa. Keep in mind, I have no job. Sauce and non-pasta grains is a lifestyle I can't afford. However, I bought two bottles of rose that I will gladly justify. Dinner pictured below is the final result of my adventure. I let David pick the greens. Although tasty, a simple arugula salad might have dressed the plate better, or just suited this filter better. For dessert we had the most amazing slices of key-lime and pumpkin pie from aforementioned pie shop. Wins!

wore : Outdoor Voices Athena Crop & 3/4 Warmup Legging in Santa Fe

made : salmon dinner