Record Keeping

Between job-hunting in a new city, and walking my dog, Tucker, there's a lot else going on that I'd like to keep record of. More than posting depreciating stories on Instagram every day, I want to keep a record of what I saw, thought, made, and did.

Oakland thus far has been intimidating in a few ways. It's easier to get around in a car than any other mode of transport. I have a car, but forget I do. Then I remember. And also remember that freeways are four-ish lanes wide, and fast. Walking to Bart is a mile, and even then, it's only real purpose is to scootch ya to the city. Uber is an option for close by destinations, but at any given time the driver is always eight minutes away. In the same way I feel immobilized, I have no real friends out here to mobilize me. Once I mobilize myself, I expect this to change. 

Job-hunting in my mind has gone well. I am supported by my partner David both emotionally and (for now) financially, allowing me "time" to properly explore all my options out here. I've gone out for three interviews and have had three phone screenings within a month now. The way I've approached it is that I'm chipping away at this goal a little bit everyday. Whether I apply for a new job, send a note to connect with a recruiter on LinkedIn, or follow-up with someone I just met, it all counts as progress. 

I also chip away at Friends everyday. I didn't watch it growing up, and even though I started watching from season one when it first came to Netflix, it didn't jive with me. Before our move, I started watching it again while organizing, packing, and generally coping. Then finally I got it! I get the humor, I get the bond of these characters, and now I love Friends! What I keep wondering is if Ross ever becomes attractive. I'm on season seven now and I'm still asking. Spoiler alert; he's been married three times!?

Today I woke up late. I put on Alison Rosen is Your New Best Friend (the Thursday show) and showered. Just past 10a I walked Tuck to Lake Merritt. That's become my goal for every funemployed morning. Then I get a coffee and see what he does while he's tied up outside. Today a woman asked if he was friendly, which he is to people, and I saw him just hamming it up, getting pets in the sun from her. When we got home I made toast with butter and apricot preserves for breakfast and got to "work."


Two days ago I was assigned a project for an interview that I am the most excited for yet. Yesterday was spent diving into the first half. Today has been spent brainstorming the second half, then editing those ideas down. Tricky and time consuming.



Here are some snapshots of my day. My lunch was leftovers from last night, reheated in a skillet. This always reminds me of my grandma Ida Mae's cooking. She'd fry up macaroni noodles with meat grease and black pepper and it was the best.

The sun has gone down now which means it's time to open a bottle of wine. Not sure what I'll eat if I get hungry, but at least there's wine.

listened : Alison's Audiobook, Daniel's-riddles, David's Flash Mob

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watched : Friends + 73 Questions With Chrissy Teigen | Vogue